If You Have Not Applied for Your Pandemic Payroll Tax (ERC) Refund, You May Be Losing Big $$$!

Have You Applied for Your

Employee Retention Credit (ERC),

also known as The Pandemic Payroll

 Tax Refund Credit, Under the CARES ACT?


We are not talking about PPP Loans. It does not matter if you have already applied for and received a PPP loan; that program is different. ERC is NOT a Loan; it's FREE Money from Uncle Sam through the CARES ACT.  

Many business owners have been told by their accountants that their business don't qualify! They are being told this because most accountants do not know about this program or do not understand how to apply for it; We Do  


“It’s You Money, Let Us Help You Claim It!” 


You can determine if your business qualifies in about nine (9) minutes by answering a few simple questions at our ERC Qualification Website below    


ERC Qualification Check aka

Pandemic PayRoll Tax Refund! 


There is a time limit in which you can apply. Apply Now!  


“the Colonel”

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)

Employee Retention Credit Agent,

Pandemic Payroll Tax Refund Credit, Linggs Agent 


Email:  godowdy6@gmail.com / 714-273-5223