Have You Ever Felt Like You Needed To Talk To A Lawyer! Why Didn't You!

A Short Note From:


"the Colonel"

Carlton L.Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.) 

Email:  godowdy6@gmail.com / 714-273-5223

Dowdy Financial, Incorporated (godowdy.biz)






We market legal and identity theft plans to family members and business owners throughout North America! 

Following are several short videos that will introduce you to our business opportunity as well as the different services we provide, (presented by two of the top money earners in the company): 

We invite you to take a look at our business opportunity and the different services that we offer!   


Family Legal & Small Business & Identity Thieft Plans, By Legal Shield!



Identity Theft Plans (2 Minute Video)!  



Small Business Legal Plans (2 Minute Video)!  

Intro To Small Business legal Plans


Business Opportunity (20 Minute Video)! 




Please join us and learn more about Legal Shield & IS Shield and our Business Opportunity:



Time: 7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern Std 

Zoom ID: 404 655 9036  

PW: 123456


After you have attended the above Legal Shield and ID Shield Business Opportunity please contact me as follows:


"the Colonel"

Carlton L.Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.) 

Email:  godowdy6@gmail.com / 714-273-5223


We will gove over the basic details and I will give you a Special Gift just for giving us the opportunity to further introduce you to our business. 


You may be wondering how much time this opportunity will require of you. This is an answer you will have to decide on for yourself.  We have part-time business owners as well as full-time business owners.  It really depends on how much money you want to earn!


Financial Freedom for you can be just around the corner and the process for obtaining financial freedom will most definitely be an adventure but the journey and the people that you will meet along the way will only add to the worthness of the trip! Our team members include people from all walks of life including those in your profession. Welcome Aboard!  



Let's Have Some Fun

We have scheduled a drawing to be held on Thursday, 30 March at 7 PM Pacific, Meeting ID:  526 223 5826, Meeting PW:  654321. Drawing date is subject to change dependent on the numbers or registrants.  


The first 30 people who register for and attend this meeting will receive a FREE GIFT and attend the drawing will win a prize (that's a given); however, if you are also one of the three lucky winners in the drawing, your will receive a 2nd prize valued between $35.00 and $209.99, and I will even pay all taxes and S&H cost.


AND HERE IS THE KICKER:  If we have 50 or more people who attends our Zoom Meeting and registers I will bump the drawing prized up and one lucky person WILL WIN the Vollara Air & Surface Pro, Valued at $1,499.00.  Again, I will even pay all taxes and S&H cost.


ONE REQUIREMENT:  Please don't tell my wife about all these giveaways, she already thinks I am 2/3 crazy, (I was told that many times during my 22 plus yrs in the US Army)!  I had fun there also!  Why do I do this!  My mom has always told me, "Son, to those whom much has been given, much is owed!"


PS: We Are Always Looking Brand Partners and New Team Members We have a growing number of individuals and business owners who are joining our Legal Shield Marketing Team, (a great way to add an additional source of income to your bottomline).  If this may be something you wish to consider, please contact us. 




PS01:  My son would be upset if I did not add a plug for him!  Following is what he spends most of his time with:    

A: Adaptive Behavior Consultant - adaptivebxc.com - Providing innovative solutions and professional care. Serving Young Adults across the spectrum.


B: RANDYJDOWDY.COM AKA THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM - I have whatever you are looking for in the sneaker world, or can find them.  If I don't have what you are looking for, not to worry, I have suppliers all over the world, including China. I can find what you are looking for, promise!